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Amamanta Family presentation case comes with any 4 or 5 member family of dolls automatically for Holiday Gifts or when requested in special instructions at time purchase or by email.

OneWorld, Inc. Amamanta Family Dolls Store Policy

Our anatomically-correct dolls go through a high standards quality test.

 Amamanta dolls are hand crafted and therefore no two are exactly the same. Sometimes, clothing, colors or fabric design may be different from the samples pictured on the Amamanta FamilyTM Web Site. The quality and value is the same. 

A New York State Sales Tax will apply 
if your order is delivered to a NY state address. 

All sales are final. We can not resale a doll that has been played with or soiled.

We carry all dolls inventory. We ship by UPS ground every Tuesday morning but when we have volume, like in Christmas Gift season, OneWorld ships every day or as soon as we get a couple of orders. 

Our mother dolls and new born dolls are ready to engage 
in breastfeeding with a clip as nipple and mouth. 
We are very proud of our
breastfeeding dolls.
OneWorld, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Amamanta Family dolls. We are located in Yonkers, NY. Questions or comments are welcome:
Phone: 1 718 881 4802 or

Our dolls try to represent all the body parts that real  human beings have. In other words, we don't shy away from words or concepts like penis, vagina, sex, breast, breastfeeding, pubic hair, underwear, newborn baby and birth. These are anatomically correct cloth dolls. We are trying to create dolls with the innocence and open-mind of  our children. Parents may have to answer questions and that is part of the sex education. Sex or body parts will not be taboo, nor be ashamed of. Amamanta Dolls are intended to be used for educational purposes as well as play. 

Caucasian-American Baby

Asian-American Baby

African-American Baby

Races and Cultures are appreciated and celebrated at our family of anatomical Amamanta dolls.

When buying a family set, you will get an Amamanta Family Guide and a heart shaped dust bag to store your Amamanta Dolls that serves as a kids' backpack.

Mom and baby are sold together and they came with a sling for demonstrating breastfeeding to a child and the Amamanta Family Guide too.  All other single dolls are shipped by themselves. 

Amamanta Family is a concept doll for children education, play therapy, discovery, role playing and teaching children with learning disabilities about sex and pregnancy prevention.  These anatomically precise dolls are created right from the very beginning. They are hand-made with great love and care in a fair-trade market style in Medellin, Colombia. Your purchase of Amamanta helps provide income and job opportunities to one of the most disadvantaged people in the area: women, most of them.

Traditional costume Swiss dolls

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These dolls are not made in an industrial factory setting; instead each Amamanta doll is assembled by hand and therefore unique. Amamanta has created a needs-based apprenticeship model in which women are trained by their peers and work from their homes in a family setting. Two local non-for-profit organizations work closely with Amamanta in the recruiting process so that job opportunities can be created to empower the people that need work the most. This way, although it could seem more difficult at times, we know that Amamanta is doing something “right” to help poverty in Colombia and providing a valuable tool for good parenting in our more affluent society. Act locally, think globally!
OneWorld Inc./Amamanta Family
Attn. Raúl Morales
976 McLean Ave. 
Suite 211
Yonkers, NY 10704.

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