New Amamanta Family Anatomically-Correct Dolls

LG - forensic doll kit dolls white genitalia kit sex education aid Hispanic grandparent doll

Just like the classic Anatomically-Correct Amamanta Family sets but large! We have hand-made these under specific request in 21 inches
tall with open orifices.

Cloth sexual education 3-D genitals aid for hands-on demonstration and explanations.

To complete the family or
to depict an older male or female.
Hispanic Adolescents dolls Hispanic Adolescents dolls steparents doll anatomica

Teens as well as all other dolls are available in many skin colors.

To depict extended family, strangers or sexual predators.
Anatomically correct bab Newborn dolls md babies Black skin newborn

Lightweight anatomically correct newborns cloth dolls for education and training.
To show how baby care should be given and a child scale as ¨consolation prize¨ for those siblings
that can’t stay away from trying to handle the just arrived newborn.

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