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We, at Amamanta Family
have been inspired by all the 
above dolls, and added the 
concept of family and a few 
other details of our own: 
fair trade work from 
disadvantaged mothers, 
exceptional handmade craft 
away from factory settings,
quality control, a mothers dream come true and
a little bit of love in 
the making of our dolls.

 Amamanta Dolls serve as an educational toy to help aid in a child’s role identification learning by using the most suitable teaching tool nature has created for the infant learning: that is good old playing.

Amamanta gives you the tools & freedom to educate kids about their anatomy and sex at their level of understanding according to their age and your values.


  The Amamanta Family of dolls breakthrough idea came from the
need to explain the arrival of a sibling to children ages 3-9 and the changes and how this new addition to the family could affect psychologically
and emotionally the elder child from being the only child in the home to becoming a sibling in a soon to be larger family.

Mom Birth doll      

   Although the fact of having his
mother pregnant may look simple
and not a big deal, for a child that up until then occupy the privilege role
of being the youngest or sole proprietor of the parent’s attention,
the arrival of a newborn can affect the child in a traumatic way. From feeling displaced, jealous or trying to regain all the parent’s attention to purposely or unconsciously misbehaving.

Mom Birth dolls


Oh! my God! 


"You don’t love me anymore… 
since the new baby came home..."

"Dad, what’s a penis? "

"Mom, what is good 
and bad touching? "

Some of the above issues 
and questions is why we 
creating the Anatomically Correct
Birthing, Natural Nursing, 
Multicultural Dolls that come 
in many ethnics, cultures,  races
and can be customized to a 
family set that represents
your own family. Just like it is 
in our American family households.


Amamanta Family dolls are hand-made, soft and cuddly, fully clothed and anatomicallycorrect.

This adorable bunch help illustrate family roles and support sex education by demonstrating birth and breastfeeding. Bring an authentic family experience home by choosing from multicultural varieties and skin tones. Customize a set to reflect your unique family. ‘Parents’ are 6” tall.

Includes pedagogic brochure, and carry-on bag keeps family together.

What are Amamanta Family Anatomically-Correct Dolls?

This family of dolls are also called Anatomically-Detailed Dolls or just Anatomical Dolls
Referred as those dolls that are complete, meaning that have all genitalia and breasts or that at least, the dolls are designed not to hide "anything away" or pretend there is "nothing down there".
There are Dolls that are more or less realistic depending on the use intended. Plastic or resin dolls may be more realistic to the eye. But they are heavy and not as "huggable". In order to work with children, and for education, role play, demonstration of birth uses, among others, we prefer the cloth dolls. Amamanta Family dolls are beautiful, huggable, light weight and big enough for kids to dress and undress.

The baby doll might be cold: This is why we include a baby cover. This is teaching love, protection and care!

All Amamanta Family Mother Dolls are pregnant!  A little Newborn Baby Doll comes out -and back in- of Mom doll's belly to demonstrate to a child the Birth process.

All dolls have removable doll clothes and doll underwear (but the newborn doll, that's in his/her birthday suit) to depict realistic and customary usage as well as normal behavior to the child. 

Amamanta Families like the 5-member set of dolls have a doll tote bag where father doll carries a doll sling, a newborn baby cover to protect the "little child" and a doll diaper to be completely ready for what could happen any moment with a newborn: Baby doll might be hungry... Amamanta Mother doll can breastfeed the newborn doll! This is a wonderful demonstration of breastfeeding!

OH, oh! Baby doll did #1 or #2: no guessing here, even the neighbors can tell you when it's #2! Let's change the diaper! 
This is teaching newborn care and the basic needs of a baby!

By showing and playing with our children in this manner we can manage the expectations of a child that is soon to have a sibling in order to prepare this boy or girl to embrace his/her role as a brother or sister, anticipate the fact that babies take and need lots of love, care an attention specially from the mother after birth and hopefully prevent sibling rivalry. 

By playing with Amamanta Family Dolls, an adult can show how babies are conceived and born. Moreover, you can teach your child at early age the constituents of a good family and the future expectations and role changes in the family that are going to take place once 
the baby sibling is born. For example, Mom is going to be in the maternity section of a hospital, Mom is going to have to breastfeed the newborn and pre-newborn activities, etc.

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Humanitarian and socially responsible purchase: you are helping low income mothers with work. You can help people in 3rd world country to fight the downward spiral of poverty and contribute to their self esteem and to self sufficient.

Environmentally friendly material (cotton & wool skin and clothes with unavoidable synthetic stuffing,). They are individually hand made by dignified human hands and blessed with the love and gratitude of having work). Of course, they are soft and cuddly!

Safe: Although common sense and good judgment is always necessary, our lovely dolls are free of small parts and the materials do not catch flames. Amamanta family members can be machine washed (we recommend hand wash for the clothes)

Great tool to teach children family values

Utilizes the natural and best medium for kids to learn core values: play. Playing is the best vehicle to teach kids family values, family roles, basic socializing and they can identify themselves and their place in the family.

Great tool for kids to express themselves and for parents, teachers, pediatricians and psychologist to get insights and valuable information on the emotional (inside/internal) state of mind of a child. By role playing and expressing themselves through their toys (dolls) kids can reveal what they feel towards mother, father and their sibling. Amamanta family toys can offer the child psychologist or teacher an insight into the family dynamics, and even raised the alert (red flags) of child abuse or sexual abuse, or a dysfunctional family.

Complete set: four dolls that constitutes the immediate family, the father, the mother, the new born baby that comes out of mom’s uterus and the boy or girl.

Dolls are anatomically correct: Man has hand sewn penis and testicles; woman has stitched on breast with nipples and a birth canal from which the newborn baby comes out in childbearing. When unborn the fetus is stored in the expectant mother tummy (it has a flat over belly) representing a pregnant women doll.

Mother’s breast nipple and baby’s mouth clip together to demonstrate breastfeeding.


Amamanta Family Doll Set / A mamanta Doll Set Facts:


The Amamanta Family set of handmade dolls consists of a Mother, Father, Child (boy or girl), and infant.  Each doll is a one-of-a-kind toy that is carefully constructed of fine cotton, flannel, and synthetic filling material by talented and caring crafts designers from Colombia. These soft and plush dolls have stitched hair and come complete with underwear and shoes already as part of the package.  The outfits are also made by hand with colorful designs and include Velcro attachments that make it easier for your child to dress up the dolls.  In addition, the dolls include Velcro pads on the arms so that your adopted Amamanta family can be attached to one another for traveling together.

  “Ethnic Variety”

Amamanta Family has created doll sets that represent various ethnic and country cultures by including traditional outfits and indigenous features. Current doll sets represent the following countries/regions: Germany, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, Africa.  In accordance to traditional dress, our dolls are outfitted with kimonos, saris, ponchos, etc.

  “Anatomically Honest”

The Amamanta Family set of dolls is unique because the female and male dolls include their respective gender anatomy. The female ‘mother’ doll has breasts and an orifice in the groin area that represents the womb.  In that ‘womb’, you will find a mini doll that represents the ‘infant baby’ in the family.  The ‘father’ doll has male genitalia.

  “A Life Cycle Visual Aid”

The Amamanta Family set of dolls can be used to help explain pregnancy, the reproductive cycle and breastfeeding.  Questions from children regarding life cycle issues can be better explained by using these dolls as visual aids and the reference material provided in the package.

  “Where do babies come from?”

The ‘mother’ doll includes an infant baby within her belly and she can be used as a visual tool in order to explain the process of pregnancy and birth.


Our dolls accurately depict the true and natural beauty of the human body. Beyond taboo and irrational make-beliefs that there is no genitalia where even a child knows that there is... Amamanta is a natural and wholesome concept, that's why you have a variety of family members, cultural heritage and skin tones to chose from. Pick your family of dolls today!



Ideas for interacting with your child and the Amamanta Family:

• Educate children on the life cycle

• Help the child adjust to the arrival of a new sibling

• Instill your own core family values and good behavior through play at an early age

• Explain the roles of present or absent family members--father, mother, grandpa, siblings

• Learn about your child’s emotional needs and concerns through playful self-expression

• Explain pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and the care required for a newborn.

• Good old fashion playtime with true-to-life dolls

Amamanta dolls may also be used by child welfare specialists in order to:

• Encourage child’s self-expression, discovery and needs

• Help child cope with sibling rivalry issues by demonstrating examples with dolls

• Investigate suspected sex abuse, child abuse or molestation

• Serve as an aid for therapy in sexual abuse cases

• Aid forensic investigations and courtroom testimony

• Educate children and people with disabilities about sex

• Discover domestic issues affecting the child  

Doulas, benefit in their practice from the use of our dolls by using them for sibling preparation for expecting families who will be including young children in their births.   

Make Amamanta family part of your family. Customize your doll family!

Amamanta Family Set Description

  • Soft and big enough to be handled and dressed by children
  • Clothing material is soft yet durable for hours of play
  • Amamanta Family dolls come in a variety of cultural representations: multicultural and ethnic
  • A specific Amamanta family can be selected to match your heritage
  • Doll sets consist of a Mom, Dad, Boy or Girl, or both siblings, and newborn baby
  • Made out of natural fibers and flannel with synthetic fiber filling for added softness
  • Facial features are embroidered with cotton threads. Hair is knitted by hand with wool.
  • Hand made by talented craftspeople in Colombia
  • Mom and dad dolls measure approximately 16.5”, child dolls measures approximately 11” and newborn is 4.5”
  • A complete Amamanta Family set weighs just under 2 lb. (<900g.) With the dust bag that serves as a child backpack, guide, presentation case and packaging materials ready to ship weight is approximately 4 lb.


Dolls can demonstrate breastfeeding. Newborn has a clip as mouth and mother has the other side of clip as nipples.

Anatomically-Correct Dolls, Anatomically-Detailed Dolls and  Anatomical Dolls

We have created these anatomically detailed dolls with love and care to help you teach your children about the life cycle and family values: i.e. how babies are born, getting a new sibling, or family roles. Amamanta dolls are an ideal tool for alleviating potential anxieties relating to the arrival of a new sibling, so you can better manage the expectations of children. Through role playing with Amamanta, you can help kids understand the role of a brother or sister and the heightened parental involvement necessary to meet the newborn’s needs.

The Amamanta Family set of anatomical stuffed dolls can also help you educate your children about appropriate touching versus inappropriate contact.  Kids can also learn wholesome family values and the basics on the reproductive cycle. Mother doll is a birthing doll or sometimes called nursing doll because demonstrates and supports breastfeeding.

Sex education talks with your children may be challenging at first but we hope you’ll find our anatomically correct dolls to be a helpful aid for explaining the proverbial “bird’s and the bees.” Use Amamanta dolls to role play and teach them at your own pace and comfort level. You can use these dolls as a learning instrument during the different stages of your child’s development.

Mother doll is pregnant and carries the baby inside her womb, until mom is ready to demonstrate the birth of the newborn.

Mother doll breastfeeding serves an important educational role in child formation.

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Detailed anatomically-correct dolls. 

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